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Accountability – A Solution for Communication, Clarity & Certainty

The Power of Accountability- A Solution for Communication, Clarity and Certainty.

When many people hear the word “accountability”, it conjures up thoughts of blaming others or being blamed for mistakes, lack of performance, poor results, unsuccessful initiatives, and just generally being judged unfavorably.

Yet high performance requires accountability. Where there is a lack of accountability, people don’t get information when they need it, decisions may not be made in a timely manner, actions aren’t taken and employees are not implementing effectively, no matter how skilled they are.

When there is a lack of accountability, communication breaks down, non-performers thrive while everyone else has to work harder. The result is people are afraid to take risks; they don’t feel supported when facing new challenges; they protect themselves at the cost of hurting others, avoiding their own involvement. The result is people feel like a victim with a corresponding feeling of resentment, judgment, and a sense of being powerless.

You’ve witnessed the results of lack of accountability: you’ve observed people making others wrong, in order to be right. You’ve heard people complain about stress and being overwhelmed, and you’ve felt their anger. And you have experienced turn-over of employees because of the lack of it.

Accountability is a bigger issue than we thought.

The Accountability Workshop is designed for between 12-25 participants and is a full day, on–sight, cutting-edge program. Complete with Workbook and Power Point, we train participants in what is necessary to establish a culture of accountability and provide the tools and models to develop one. The program supports participants to “own” their work and results, and be able to account for their intentions and actions.

Executive Coaching Programs

Using a variety of interviews, assessment tools and on-site observations, we create individualized programs for expanding awareness, attitudes, performance and productivity. Over the coaching engagement, in a “partnership” relationship, coaching empowers leaders to achieve sustainable, high-impact results, inspire action, enhance leadership skills, maintain focus, stress management.

While all coaching focuses on effectiveness, productivity and performance, there are tailored approaches. Some of the executive coaching programs are:

New Program! The Strengths Success System (S³) ™

Restore Strength, Passion and Performance to Your Life

Performance Coaching

For the executive who is very competent yet may be challenged in other areas, such communication or leadership style. The focus is on effective communication, leadership competencies and style development.

Success Coaching

For the “high potential” executive who is already successful and knows they have greater potential that has either not been identified, or is not being utilized. With coaching, these individuals can accelerate their growth and success.

Transition Coaching

For the individual who is either on-boarding to the organization or has been recently promoted. Coaching ensures they have rapid adjustment to the culture in the first 90 days while being able to contribute strengths and talents. Contact South Florida’s Executive Coach at

Business Coaching

Exceptional Business Coaching

Improve your organization and communication skills through the proven processes and techniques provided by South Florida’s business coach, Susan Klein.

If you are a business owner or a leader of a business unit and want to establish a shared vision that anchors the team, in-person seminars and workshops, such as group coaching, will support you in building high-performance teams and manage cross-team and in-line teams.

Create high-level accountability if you are blending cultures with other organizations through mergers or buy-outs, or facing other big changes.

When was the last time you could talk about your visions, dreams, and concerns, and share ideas with someone who was committed only to your success?

Call or write now and I will give you a complimentary thirty minutes to see what value you will receive from coaching.

Take The Biz Whiz Assessment (PDF) to see the 100 key factors we’ve identified to consistent business success and profitability.

To take the Biz Whiz assessment, please go to the sign up box at the top of page.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Leadership in the 21st Century

What distinguishes highly effective leaders?

What do they do or say that allows for their success?

Leaders in organizations need to become more effective communicators and develop their people, not just manage them. Leadership training and development allows them to:

  • Expand their leadership skills and draw on different leadership styles as the occasion calls for
  • Build high- performance teams based on collaboration, cooperation and trust that meet the strategic objectives of the organization and the future.

We use a number of tools to support leadership training including:

  • 360 interviews
  • EQ Map
  • Print Survey
  • Work from Your Strengths™

Take the Leadership in the 21st Century assessment to see the 80 key factors to create the path of your leadership.

After taking the assessment, contact South Florida’s leadership coach at


We’ve identified 80 key leadership factors to create the path for your leadership. Get your complimentary assessment now.

Career Coaching

We offer practical guidance about planning and conducting an effective career transition and managing your career. You:

  • Stay focused and save time by doing it right
  • Drive your career transition in a manner that fits your personal goals, style and situation
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Receive articles for support
  • Evaluating offers and making decisions
  • Making a successful transition into your new position

Contact South Florida’s Career Coach at

Team Coaching

Team coaching benefits organizations who want to build high- performance teams, and demonstrate better cross-team and in-line team communication skills. This is also valuable for those who are blending cultures with other organizations through take –over or buy-outs, or facing other big changes. Coaching is done in person or by teleconference, so that participants may benefit even if they are scattered around the world.

In-person workshops and seminars bring teams together in a powerful way, to learn to communicate more efficiently and understand how they can leverage their individual strengths to benefit the team and organization. On-going coaching may also be delivered by phone in conference calls.

The Strengths Success System (S³) ™

Strengths Success System Logo

Survival of the Fittest: Using Your Strengths to Succeed.

A solution to burn-out in the Workplace

What's wrong with this picture?

Years of research prove that individuals and teams playing to their STRENGTHS significantly outperform those who don't in almost every business metric.

People who do what they do BEST every day are 3 times more likely to have an excellent quality of life overall.


Gallup's research reveals that only 12% of people in the workplace utilize their strengths “most of the time.” Are you in that 12%? If you are, congratulations! If you're not, have we got a program for you!

It's called :

Restore Strength, Passion and Performance to Your Life:

The Strengths Success System (S³)™

and it's available now in a convenient, affordable, high energy program that can help you shift from focusing on your deficiencies to playing your strengths.

  1. How often are you doing what you do best at work?
  2. How passionate are you about what you do at work?
  3. In general, has your focus been on leveraging your strengths or improving your deficiencies?
  4. Are you aware that people who do what they do best EVERY day are 3 times more likely to have an excellent quality of life overall?

Welcome to the Strengths Success System (S³) ™, a system to refocus around your top strengths and restore Strength, Passion and Performance to your professional and personal life.

The Strengths System (S³) ™ Success supports participant’s in:

  • Getting clear about your strengths and weaknesses
  • Building your strengths and managing around your weaknesses
  • Consistently performing from your strengths and passion

The program is ideal for either a groups or teams who want to identify key areas of strengths and learn strategies for ensuring top performance.

Key Benefits of the Strengths Success System (S³) ™:

  • Change the way you view yourself and the world around you by focusing on your strengths.
  • Receive information, structured support and accountability.
  • Restore your strengths, passion and performance in daily life.

The program is delivered in person in a one-day workshop, or on-line in a self-paced learning program. The workshop is facilitated by two Master Certified Coaches - Susan Klein and Janine Schindler who train-the-trainers to deliver the program. They are highly experienced workshop leaders who combined, have been coaching for 32 years. They are known for their passion and commitment for people in business to restore their passion.

For details about scheduling, fees and facilitators, contact