Senior Director, Altria

“I cannot put into words how much I appreciated my coaching experience with you. I valued your coaching advice, support and experiments. When we started our coaching sessions, you explained that you would do the following:

  1. Challenge my current thinking
  2. Provide me with new ideas & experiments
  3. Support my behavior development plan
  4. Give me open and honest feedback (both positive and constructive)

Thank you for your coaching commitment and helping me to become a stronger leader.”

Theresa Gage Durham, President, Media Maven Consulting

“Susan asks the tough questions that make you step back and evaluate your choices. By leading you to introspection, she shows you how to accept new ways of thinking and in turn achieve breakthroughs”.

Sr. Research Director, Kashi Foods

“After being a consistent performer with 4 promotions in 6 years, I found myself with a performance issue. When this was layered on top of some unrest in my person life, I found myself overwhelmed. I'd never had a coach nor did I see great value in them because I consider myself to be self-motivated and adaptable. When my sister recommended Susan Klein as a coach I just figured it couldn't hurt. Much to my surprise, within two weeks, Susan had helped me lift my spirits, my performance, and my self-confidence. Coworkers, friends, and family began commenting about the change in my attitude and outlook. She clearly “got” me/what I was saying and was able to help me break through my self-imposed barriers. After five weeks of coaching with Susan, I love my life and every aspect of it. If you've got something in your life that's holding you back, I'd strongly recommend contacting Susan.”

Jeffry S. Life, M.D., Ph.D. Age Management Medicine, Las Vegas

“I first learned about Susan Klein from one of my CEO patients who told me that Susan was the one that could really help me achieve my personal and professional goals as a physician and businessman. He was absolutely right on the mark! Over the past five months, Susan has played and continues to play the pivotal role in helping me prioritize my goals and eliminate obstacles that, up until now, had severely interfered with my success. She has expertly and skillfully provided me with the tools and insight I desperately needed to achieve new heights in my career; physically, mentally and professionally. Susan, thank you for everything!”

CEO, large non-profit

“Again, thank you for a wonderful workshop; we were changed and moved by it. Never have I seen a group so completely grasp the art of possibility and the worth of inventing a new future. We went beyond my wildest expectations and it was a life-changing workshop. That we were able to do it with most of our deadlines behind us created a time of freedom. We were all there, present, open, and focused. At the end of Wednesday, we had moved into the future together. You and Ellen were a joy to watch and you model your work and your beliefs. We all send you our thanks and our admiration. We believe that the coaching you are offering will change and has already changed the future of our field and our work.”

Litigation Attorney

“Susan is fantastic. I can't say enough wonderful things about her. Along with fantastic career advice and guidance to figure out "what do I wanna be when I grow up," she's shown me how to gracefully deal with politically difficult situations and how to gracefully handle difficult people. I've learned so much that I feel like I can handle it all after all! ”


Associate Development Director, The Westervelt Company

“You will never fully understand the level of impact your coaching has had in my life I am amazed at the accomplishments I've made with your support. Your sphere of influence has been greater than with just me, as I've shared insights with the other coaches here. We've all grown and benefitted.”

VP, BankAtlantic, Palm Beach County, Florida

“I have recently been promoted to Vice President and have also been selected for the 2005 class of Leadership Martin County. Just wanted to share my success with you since you were a big help in helping me plan my priorities as well as keep focus on what is truly important in my life!!!”

Pete Cornell, Sr. Director, AT&T

“Over the past 2 1/2 years, Susan has helped me grow as an individual and as a leader within AT&T by providing specific training, establishing stretch goals, and acting as a penalty-free environment to test new ideas and strategies. She has frequently guided me to see new context (and hence a new range of possibilities) in many areas of both my personal and professional life. Having a guide gives me confidence to go there. With all the turmoil in the business and the industry, I don't know how I would have maintained my focus and achieved the business results without her support.”

PB.,Army Corps of Engineers

“Susan, Thank you so much...I've learned the effectiveness of really listening and using clear and complete “conversations for action”. You've also helped me see how I can create uninterrupted time at work to meet my commitments. I am participating in shorter and more productive meetings.”

Susan Shapiro, Consultant, Coach

“Susan has many talents, and being a direct, specific hard hitting coach is what I needed and I got it with Susan. In addition she is very personable, sincere and practices the highest integrity. Susan really raised the bar for me and made me work harder. She challenged me and it was exactly what I needed at the time. She is truly a masterful coach, who picks up on subtleties that only the best of breed coaches can do. I would recommend Susan Klein to anyone serious about making improvements and changes, because she will get you there!”

Senior Director, Freddie Mac

“I spent many years working with Susan Klein and her special gifts:

  • her incredible insight to ask the questions that would move me
  • her ability to find my strength and evoke my power
  • her intuition about which lesson my soul was seeking
  • her ability to make my lessons dance for me -- they became my life's joy and meaning

Under Susan's skillful coaching, I started my own coaching practice, navigated a rocky corporate environment, lost 24 pounds and rediscovered my inner voice. I am so grateful for her wisdom, grace and strength.”

VP Pre-Construction, The Weitz Company

“While Susan was engaged to provide coaching services, I always feel that my welfare matters beyond the business relationship. Susan helped me discover my shadow behaviors, recognize when they started to occur and develop actions/activities to head them off before they became a problem. I am much better at dealing with others as a result of her coaching.”

VP Operations, The Haven (non-profit)

“Susan is a precise coach who is extremely intuitive. I had the pleasure and privilege to be coached by Susan. She helped me enhance my leadership skills and get a clear vision for my current business. She was also hired to work with my entire leadership team and she helped us gel as a team.”

Noah Rubin, MBA, CPA

“I engaged Susan to focus my energies on the most effective tasks required to achieve my goals. She kept me accountable for my actions, and was instrumental to my achievements during our time together. We all need Susan in our life!”

CEO, Baseline Engineering and Survey

“Susan is more than a business coach... she has the ability to see the big picture, often bigger than what you may think is possible for your business or yourself. Her commitment to your success and happiness is unwavering. The wonderful paradigm shift she caused in my business and my management of it has spilled over into my personal life. I highly recommend Susan Klein to everyone!”

VP Estimating, Weitz Company Construction

“I can honestly say that my coaching experience with Susan generated what I feel will be lifelong benefits, primarily introspective. The skills learned at one day management seminars tend to disappear quickly, but ongoing coaching is continual reinforcement to implement management tools. More importantly though was the confidence I gained in myself and my ability to manage people.”

Ron Vega, Organizational Development Manager, Texas

“You are truly a gifted presenter and teacher. Your knowledge of research, material, pacing and tone made this class very dynamic. It targeted my learning style.”

A. Slayton, Attorney

“I found Susan's model for building trust through communication extremely useful. Additionally, I think her distinctions regarding leadership styles and their effectiveness can immediately help me to better relate to my support staff. I found that my leadership style was not as conducive to success as I had thought, and this provided me with great insight.”

Sharon Young, Free to Grow Organizer

“What was most meaningful to me is that I can easily apply these principles to all areas of my life - the work I do with families and teens, the work with co-workers and at home.”